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I can’t tell you how many times people have asked to pick my brain about how to find money. Actually, I can because so many times I say answer. We sit down over a cup of coffee, chat in a shoe salon or jump on a 5-minute FaceTime or 10-minute Skype call. But it’s never enough, and I’m always conflicted that I can’t do more. In fact, I just received the latest request via private Facebook chat from a former client seeking direction to help another friend find money for starting her business. and I received a fax asking if I would review their grant proposal.

So, here’s a great question–want to pick my brain, every single day? Now’s your chance. When you see me among my shoes, know there is joy and experience in these steps that I’ve taken to win in my life, career, and business. Most every pair has a story including some that have guided my highly successful client sessions find money –from $500.00 to $75,000.00  over the past decade. I can’t help as much as I’d like with only 24 hours in the day to make it happen. Until now.

So, I’m launching my first-ever digital coaching group focused on funding your next phase: Finding Money 360-something entirely new as a community way to seek funding. This new online-only group takes a full 360 look around the marketplace to help you find money to grow your next project, business, or entrepreneur life to the next level.

Who’s It For? Finding Money 360 is for those who have decided to move from dreaming to doing. It is for those who are no longer afraid of the unknown but ready to run in the money lane like they deserve a positive financial direction.

Finding Money 360 is for those seeking a little mentoring or pushing to the next level, but aren’t ready to go and join a full-blown Mastermind just yet or pay to attend a conference (with time, travel, or fees).

If you’ve been looking for money, sponsors, or grants, you know that getting the money goes beyond a Google search where you’re starting from scratch.

  • Perhaps you have an idea and you want to look for a grant or a sponsor. You see an award announced and wonder what they had to win it.  What needs to be different to compete for a simiar grant or sponsorship.
  • Perhaps you’re still working for someone else. For whatever reason, you know you need some help or guidance, not to mention real-world feedback from people who have traveled this similar journey. – people who could be in the same boat as you, but bring their own opinions and strategies to the table.
  • Perhaps, you just need a place you can trust–a place that you can count on to move you forward.

Finding Money 360 is for those with an unrelenting spirit inside but want insights and a little coaching to keep you moving forward.  We’re going to help you, and I want you to join us!

Here’s what you get with Finding Money 360:

  • Take a Daily Step: Usually I come across at least one step on any given day that most people can take towards finding money for their business to grow. I plan to share the exact things that come across my desk everyday-articles, case studies, blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, and phone conversations too. They’ll be available for you the moment I find them, and you can read them anytime you want. Expect a money focus but so much more – motivation, success stories, links to actual funding sources including real foundations that offer money, a whole series of insights on sponsors – how to get ready to attract what it takes to get the check as well as the latest marketing, branding, advertisiting, PR, customer service, SAAS, CRM, and tech news, all broken down into what’s important for you.
  • Community: Let’s face it: Finding money can feel like a lonely road, but once you’re in the Finding Money 360 family, you’ll have other people to help you along the path, make sure you stay on it, and encourage you to go faster when you’re ready. Our goal is to grow to 360 people in the first phase which will allow us to support each other as independent businesses but also identify places where mutual alliances may help you secure more funds. Our goal is to help you leverage the expertise we bring to achieve your goals. You’ll always have a friendly group ready to kick you into high gear, and push you past your latest problem.
  • LIVE Conferencing: Twice per month, we go live for a video conference in front of my computer  for TWO solid hours. We will alternate the times between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. EST to accommodate different time zones. This is a fantastic time to ask anything you’d like. We can brainstorm, we can go over ideas, we can come up with new ones. The sky is the limit. All you have to do is get in front of a computer, anywhere in the world, and show up.
  • Insiders: On a regular basis, you’ll receive alerts to events, courses, conferences, and the like.  Additionally, you’ll receive “insider-only” discounts off countless products, shows, and digital and physical items, including clothing, travel, technology, legal services, and even restaurants and bars!
  • Special Extras: Occasionally, a special guest will drop by! I’ve got an extensive rolodex and network where people share a spirit of helping to propel others to the next level. When they drop by the office, nuggets happen and the education alone is worth a small fortune!
  • Getting Started: This new digital coaching group comes with a huge savings for those who take action.  Founders who join during the launch window will reap a significant monthly subscription discount – only $20.17 month.  On-going, our monthly subscription rate will be $79.99 after February 9, 2016.

Once you join, complete the short application that tells us a little more about where you are in your search for money for your goals.

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