Meet Cheryl Scales

My name is Cheryl Scales. I’m a strategist, entrepreneur, multiple industry corporate America alum, and an award-winning business pro who loves shoes and winning. I am on a mission to help people get ‘unstuck’ in their progress.

I have been generating money for projects and businesses, where we generated between $500.00 – $1.5 million.  W in direct funds and/or alliances that generated co-branding and funding progress.  I passionately speak and teach on public relations and branding .

I’ve been personally featured in several media and books including Good Morning America, NBC’s Good , Fox’s Morning Show, Fast Company, and My Instant Income. My new personal goal is to pin my first book this year.

I’m grateful to have more than 500 unsolicited LinkedIn endorsements for entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing, strategy and small business, and speak globally for organizations and events of all sizes.

Helping to raise funds is in my blood. I’ve been helping people and businesses do that, in various ways for more than 15 years. You can read many of their stories, in their own words here.